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With the ever increasing use of structural steelwork in high rise buildings, materials handling operations, oil and gas plants, industrial and commercial projects ob欧宝体育直播 Global has positioned itself to provide 3D modeling and shop detailing services for all disciplines. Our experienced team and proven track record demonstrate us as being the world leader in our industry.

Precast concrete has now become a part of many industrial and commercial project in the USA, Europe and Asia.  Our detail drawings for precast concrete ensure that all of site’s requirements and interface connections are included in the precast panel shop drawings ensuring maximum efficiency during erection on site.

Our Rebar reinforcing shop detailing service enables the reinforcing for your project to be delivered to site already fabricated in accordance with the concrete drawings.  This enables accurate material takoffs and quicker construction of your project at the same time as minimizing waste.

BIM (building information modeling) is now a requirement of almost all government projects in the USA, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.  We provide BIM coordination services in three continents ensuring that all 3D models for the project are in compliance with the BIM execution plan.  We facilitate 3D model reviews and clash detection to ensure that any potential issues are picked up whilst still in the design stages. We can carry out numerous other tasks depending on the specific project’s requirements such as reporting, sequencing, timeline scheduling, and much more…

ob欧宝体育直播 Global specialize in turning your 3D laser scan data into accurate information rich cloudpoint models.  We cater to the level of accuracy you require whether that be a basic pointcloud model or intellegent reverse modeling from scans.  ob欧宝体育直播 Global provides the most cost effective laser scan processing services in the world.  We guarantee that we shall process your scan to a higher level of accuracy at a lower cost than any other office in the world.

We utilize a suite of software packages to provide your project with the most efficient and best suited 3D modeling solution.  Our team is fully trained and experienced in the software they use and all modeling is fully checked by our experienced checking team before 2D drawing production commences.

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